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Among the new features of our software Atlantis ERP and Atlantis Entry there is the possibility to check the fiscal code through the ANAF portal for local partners and the VIES portal for the ones in UE.



The informatics system ATLANTIS ENTRY ERP I was tailored in order to meet the unitary data management requirements and so as to ensure the data transfer between companies, branches and locations, in the following configuration:

Customers – Debtors, Collections, Suppliers – Creditors, Sales – Purchases Orders, Sales – Purchases, Salesmen - Collectors, Retail, Other transactions, Notes, Special Accounts management, Banks – Bank Accounts, Stock management, Warehouses (3), Colors – Sizes, Warehouse documents, Alternative codes, Foreign currency, Sets – Groups, Pricing policies (10), Merging / Consolidation.

You are now able to improve and develop your business taking advantage of our current offer for ATLANTIS ENTRY ERP I, with a license price of 550 EURO, as well as of a period of 6 months of free services.