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In today’s constantly changing business environment, using a strong informatics system represents a matter of strategy. This decision needs to be based on the gained experience, requirements and specific objectives.

The informatics system ATLANTIS ENTRY ERP was tailored in order to meet the requirements for an unified management of data and also to ensure the data transfer between companies, working points, and production locations.

More over, it safely manages a huge volume of data, regardless of their origin.

ATLANTIS ENTRY ERP shows the real status of the company and also its particularities, real structure, organization and perspectives. This represents a strong instrument for the decision makers, and it participates and leads to the processes development that correspond to new business operations.

Because it is accompanied by a series of results oriented services and being at the same based on an unique techonlogy in applications development, ATLANTIS ENTRY ERP contributes in the best possible way to creating the infrastructure and using the tools that need to support competitivity and company growth for the next years.

ATLANTIS ENTRY ERP, through its ergonomic and intuitive interface facilitates the easy finalization of a large number of operations.

The ATLANTIS ENTRY ERP (I, II and III) use the latest technologies in order to be able to comply with the local legislation and so as to correspond to the current globalization challenges.

The ATLANTIS ENTRY ERP (I, II and III) applications represent a unique instrument that contributes to the development of the company. The capacity of adding modules, when this is necessary, leads to the development of a new system that meets the business requirements.