Unisoft company was founded in 1985 in Athens, and soon expanded its business by opening branches in Romania and Bulgaria as well as through authorized partners in Cyprus, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia. Currently, the company has been absorbed and is part of the greek group Altec, one of the leading IT group in the Balkans. Software solutions developed by Unisoft were awarded many times due to their high quality and ease of use.

These software solutions are dedicated to business management and have been translated and localized into eight languages, thus fully covering the needs of multinational companies develop business with large geographical spread.

Unisoft Romania has started in 1996 to cover local needs of software solutions for business administration, while becoming the starting point for Unisoft’s expansion plans in Europe. Unisoft Romania is based on a well-trained staff in software development, consultancy and services for customers, which gives special capabilities to effectively manage both general resources and IT resources.

By the international business experience and proven technical expertise, Unisoft Romania quickly became a trusted and productive provider of IT services for local and international business. Today, Unisoft Romania offers integrated software solutions for companies and organizations of every size and business activity.

Among its major products we can find ATLANTIS (for private/public companies, large production companies), business management software solutions like CAPITAL 5 ERP and payroll management and human resources. All software solutions are respecting and are according with the business methodology and local procedures and accounting regulations in Romania.

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